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Kacie has been a judge since 2017

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Kacie Swierk

Bitter Jester Music Festival Judge

Currently based in Bloomington, IN, Kacie is a musician, singer, and songwriter with Irish lineage, but without the red hair.

Mixed between folk, roots, and blues, Kacie's songs strive for authenticity in both lyricism and composition. Her debut album, This Is Water, was released in June of 2017. She has toured throughout the US.

Kacie's involvement in Bitter Jester's music festival started in Seventh Grade when she and her rock band, called 50 Below at the time, participated as an act in 2008 along with fellow Bitter Jester judge Taylor Tucker. Upon her arrival at college, however, she began to sing and write music, which eventually led to where is today. She is excited to return as a judge for Bitter Jester!

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