About The Bitter jester FoundatioN


The Bitter Jester Foundation for the Arts (BJFA) is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit charitable organization based in Illinois. BJFA was established in January, 2016 to produce live music and theatrical productions of new and classic works as well as other forms of literary, performing, media, audio, and visual arts and other forms of entertainment.

BJFA works with youth, specifically teens, to help build their confidence and experiences through art, especially music performance and original composition.

BJFA also works to strengthen the arts, support emerging artists of all ages, and encourage persons to enter the arts by providing scholarships and grants to fine and applied arts students.

Lastly, BJFA promotes the benefits of the arts to the general public.

BJFA’s flagship productions are the The Comic Thread live sketch comedy troupe, the Bitter Jester Music Festival, and The Purple Shirts performance ensemble.

Highlights from the 9th Annual Bitter Jester Music Festival Grand Finale, live on WGN Radio: