Professional performances of written works... live in your living room!


"I have a 'top ten list' of life events - things that have impacted and inspired me - and the Purple Shirts performance will stay on that list !"

-Mary D.


"We so enjoyed the Purple Shirts when they performed in our home last year that we would like to hire you to do a new show for us in the spring."

-Eileen K.


Perfect as an alternate form of entertainment at dinner/dessert parties, wine tastings, retirement dinners, a romantic evening, or just an excuse to host your friends for drinks and conversation.

The Purple Shirts (so named for their attire), consists of three professional actors who perform a selection of material (including short stories, comedic essays, poetry, and other works) for you and your guests. The evening includes a 20-minute "talk back" with the performers after the show. Performances are customized to the occasion and often follow a theme (e.g: "Death and Taxes," "Coworkers," "Cabin Fever," "Love," etc).

BJFA often donates Purple Shirt performances to charity events, so ask us for more information if you have a silent auction coming up.


“A good time was had by all! The very talented “Purple Shirts” performers and their thoughtful, funny, and poignant program, combined with gorgeous and tasty desserts making it a truly sweet afternoon.”

-Sharon M.

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“What a delightful space of time, without bling or anything fast moving… just the sheer joy of listening to talented actors telling stories and reciting poetry, all with wonderful use of character voices!  We, the audience, loved it!  We laughed and sighed, too, at heartwarming vignettes of silliness and valor, love and clever wit.  A treat!!!”

-Kris V.

Photography by: Daniel Kullman, Bitter Jester Studios