Professional performances of written works... live in your living room!

"I have a 'top ten list' of life events - things that have impacted and inspired me - and the Purple Shirts performance will stay on that list !"
-Mary D.
"We so enjoyed the Purple Shirts when they performed in our home last year that we would like to hire you to do a new show for us in the spring."
-Eileen K.

Perfect as an alternate form of entertainment at dinner/dessert parties, wine tastings, retirement dinners, a romantic evening, or just an excuse to host your friends for drinks and conversation.

The Purple Shirts (so named for their attire), consists of three professional actors who perform a selection of material (including short stories, comedic essays, poetry, and other works) for you and your guests. The evening includes a 20-minute "talk back" with the performers after the show. Performances are customized to the occasion and often follow a theme (e.g: "Death and Taxes," "Coworkers," "Cabin Fever," "Love," etc).

BJFA often donates Purple Shirt performances to charity events, so ask us for more information if you have a silent auction coming up.

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Photography by: Daniel Kullman, Bitter Jester Studios