Chris has been a judge since 2019


Chris Falcon

Bitter Jester Music Festival Judge

Chris Falcon is a fitness expert, small business owner, children's book author, newspaper columnist, artist, podcaster, community activist, and lover of deep dish pizza. He is also an extremely passionate motivational speaker. Chris believes that in order to reach your full potential you must be able to visualize not only the life you see yourself living, but how that life will positively impact the world.

Chris is the founder of Take No Bullying, a not for profit anti- bullying organization, as well as creator of Glenview Mentoring, a community based micro-mentoring resource for students. Chris has an undying belief in the power one person has to take control of their lives. He has spoken to groups of all ages about owning personal power, discovering your “Call to Action”, and the Art of Vision Creation.

Chris is able to capture the minds of everyone from young children to adults. His ability to connect with a wide variety of people on many levels has led him to be called the "Swiss Army Knife" of motivational speakers.

Chris is the inventor of the Ergopick, a guitar pick reimagined (coming soon!). He is a freestyle musician and songwriter who loves messing around on the piano and jamming with friends. More information at