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Elliot has been a judge since 2019


Elliott Delman

Bitter Jester Music Festival Judge

For nearly fifty years, Elliott has devoted his life to imaginative and distinctive composition and musicianship. A native Chicagoan, Elliott’s early musical success brought him to Europe. The result is a rare versatility that comes from exposure to, and love of, many types of music. Special loves include film scoring and musical for young listeners.

As a guitarist Elliott has performed with Bonnie Koloc, Dan Fogelberg, Alaric Jans, Jim Schwall, Thom Bishop, Megon McDonough and David Hawkins, as well as the usual suspects who populate the clubs and listening rooms of Lake Forest and Lake Bluff.

His songs have been featured on ABC-TV’s General Hospital, Grey’s Anatomy webisode—Seattle Grace on Call—and on the newly released CD, Dan Fogelberg—Live at Carnegie Hall.

Elliott’s album credits include composing, performing and orchestrating for Richie Havens, Bonnie Koloc, Dan Fogelberg, and a bunch of lovely people you’ve never heard of.

Elliott currently serves as communications manager for the Community Church of Lake Forest & Lake Bluff, and when he’s not managing the church’s website or capturing the services on video, he can be found playing guitar on the altar with “the usual suspects.” He lives on a funky little street in Lake Bluff, IL.

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