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Conor has been a judge since 2018

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Conor Foley

Bitter Jester Music Festival Judge

Conor moved to Chicago by way of Detroit in 2012. From death metal gigs to show tunes, you can find him wherever there is noisemaking involved. He has always been a music gear fanatic, making his current gig as the Seller Engagement Manager at - the world's largest marketplace for musicians - a perfect fit for him.

"By investing in an artist in the workplace, you receive a team member who is uniquely trained in interpersonal skills & techniques, on-the-spot improvisation, problem-solving, and divergent modes of thinking. A background in the arts also provides experience in self-direction as well as the coordination of a functioning team with consistently fresh people. You get a process-driven individual who can attain skills quickly, and perform efficiently in the workplace."

Conor's personal challenge is to never stop creatively or professionally developing and he is excited to representing as a judge for the Bitter Jester Music Festival.  Come say hello to him if you want to chat about gear!

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