AIden has Emcee'd since 2018


Aiden Kinsella

Bitter Jester Music Festival Assistant Emcee

Aiden Kinsella is your Bitter Jester Music Festival MC. Not your only one, but he is certainly yours. He was severely disappointed when he found out this event wouldn’t be a literal battle of the bands, but he’s still on the stage, giving it his all!

As for his background, Aiden is an entertainer: Co-host of comedy podcast Good Idea, speaker and musical performer at LFHS TedX 2018, and three-time MC of CROYA’s Battle of the Bands. He also works at the beach, which means on a daily basis he already deals with people who are demanding, loud, opinionated, and tired (but just aren't musicians).

In the fall of 2018 Aiden began attending Lake Forest College, where he plans to study Psychology and Entertainment, with a semester ‘abroad’ in the city to do an intensive on the comedic arts. If you need him before the show, he’ll be backstage, picking out all the brown M&M’s.