has Launched!

Welcome to the brand spankin' new website for The Bitter Jester Foundation for the Arts! We'll be bringing sections of the website online as we get the content finished! Stay tuned!

News - Here you will find all of the latest news for BJFA and all its programs, whether its the line-up for the next battle or information on our next fundraiser, stay up to date with BJFA.

Events - Here you will find all of BJFA's events, concerts, shows, and fundraisers. If BJFA is holding an event, here you can find all the details!

The Foundation - Want to know a little bit more about The Bitter Jester Foundation for the Arts? Explore information about BJFA, our team, and our appearances in the media!

Programs - All the information you could ever need regarding our programs. Find up to date information on the Music Festival, The Comic Thread, or The Purple Shirts here.

Contact Us - Need to get in touch with BJFA? Just click our contact us link and send us a message. We'll get back to you as soon as we can.

Support Us - Looking to help BJFA achieve its goals? Check out this page and see the many ways you can support BJFA!

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