2019 “HP150 Bitter Jester Music festival”

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This page contains sample/starting text and a selection of images to help you support & promote the 14th Annual HP 150 Bitter Jester Music Festival. Feel free to edit and adjust the words to fit your own voice/messaging; these are merely starting points for your social media and emails.

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Website = www.BitterJesterMusic.org

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Fridays, May 31, June 7, June 14, June 21 @ 7pm

Half a dozen bands play each night!

Ravinia Brewing Co. will serve beer, wine, soft drinks, and water!

Judy’s Pizza will serve … pizza!


Music, Food, Fireworks: July 4 @ 4pm

Eight winning bands compete for the title of "Grand Champion" in a big concert leading up to the City of Highland Park's fireworks display. Judges select two finalists, audience picks the winner!

Produced by the Bitter Jester Foundation for the Arts, a 501(c)(3) based in Highland Park, IL


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The HP 150 Bitter Jester Music Festival is the largest professional music competition for up-and-coming bands in the Midwest.  Every week, six bands from all across Illinois & Wisconsin perform in Downtown Highland Park in a showcase of incredible talent. #downtownhighlandpark #bitterjestermusicfestival #hp150 #letsgolakecounty #visitlakecounty


Attention music lovers! Did you know that Highland Park has another summer music festival besides Ravinia? The HP 150 Bitter Jester Music Fest has been taking place for 14 years and is one of the best summer events around... and it's right up town! #downtownhighlandpark #bitterjestermusicfestival #hp150 #letsgolakecounty #visitlakecounty


Bitter Jester Music Fest this Friday! Come listen to some great new bands, win cool raffle prizes from local stores, and sample a selection of craft beer and wine! More info at www.BitterJesterMusic.org #downtownhighlandpark #bitterjestermusicfestival #hp150 #letsgolakecounty #visitlakecounty


Do you like beer? Do you like pizza?? Do you like music??? Check out the HP 150 Bitter Jester Music Festival in Downtown Highland Park: May 31, June 7, June 14, and June 21 at Port Clinton Square - 7pm. #downtownhighlandpark #bitterjestermusicfestival #hp150 #letsgolakecounty #visitlakecounty


Attention food and music lovers! The HP 150 Bitter Jester Music Fest now has beer, wine, and pizza courtest of Ravinia Brewing Co. and Judy’s Pizza! Stop by Port Clinton Square in Downtown Highland Park Friday nights (May 31, June 7/14/21) and listen to some great tunes while you eat, drink, and be merry! #downtownhighlandpark #bitterjestermusicfestival #hp150 #letsgolakecounty #visitlakecounty


Get stoked! [YOUR COMPANY] is sponsoring the Bitter Jester Music Fest yet again! Join the fun this Friday night, 7pm @ Port Clinton Square, 600 Central Ae. in downtown Highland Park. #downtownhighlandpark #bitterjestermusicfestival #hp150 #letsgolakecounty #visitlakecounty


We're proud to be sponsoring the BITTER JESTER MUSIC FESTIVAL this summer, helping to bring you a free and fun-filled night of live music in beautiful downtown HP. Check it out Fridays (May 31, June 7/14/21) at 7pm - Port Clinton between First & Second. #downtownhighlandpark #bitterjestermusicfestival #hp150 #letsgolakecounty #visitlakecounty


If the music wasn't enough to get you out on a Friday night, how about some great craft beer, delicious pizza, and a raffle with $250+ in gift certificates and other cool stuff? Proceeds benefit Highland Park's Bitter Jester Foundation for the Arts, a non-profit charity that produces the Bitter Jester Music Fest. #bitterjestermusicfestival #downtownhighlandpark #hp150 #letsgolakecounty #visitlakecounty


[YOUR COMPANY] is supporting a summer of live entertainment in Highland Park! Two dozen bands compete or a lot of prizes including cash, studio recording time, concert tickets, gear, new instruments, and "Best Of" concerts at Navy Pier. We hope to see you on Friday at 7pm at Port Clinton! #bitterjestermusicfestival #downtownhighlandpark #hp150 #letsgolakecounty #visitlakecounty


Please join [YOUR COMPANY] and come out on Friday night with some friends. Support these wonderful local musicians as they perform in the annual HP150 Bitter Jester Music Festival extravaganza! #bitterjestermusicfestival #downtownhighlandpark #hp150 #letsgolakecounty #visitlakecounty


If you’ve never been to the Bitter Jester Music Fest in downtown Highland Park, you’ve been missing out on a night packed with outstanding live music and family friendly fun. AND IT'S FREE! #bitterjestermusicfestival #downtownhighlandpark #hp150 #letsgolakecounty #visitlakecounty


If you've never stopped by the Bitter Jester Music Festival, this is the year to start. All the concerts are free and so is parking. Plus, there'll be free Gelato samples passed out. See you at Port Clinton at 7pm this Fri. night!  [YOUR COMPANY] is going to be there - will you? #downtownhighlandpark #bitterjestermusicfestival #hp150 #letsgolakecounty #visitlakecounty


It's Friday in Highland Park! That means a great night of live music, great craft beer and wine, plus lots of fun at the 14th annual Bitter Jester Music Fest! We'll see you at Port Clinton Square tonight at 7! #downtownhighlandpark #hp150 #bitterjestermusicfestival #letsgolakecounty #visitlakecounty


100 musicians from 25 bands representing 50 cities will be performing in the 14th Annual Bitter Jester Music Festival this summer - you don't want to miss it! Port Clinton Square in HP, Fridays at 7pm. #downtownhighlandpark #hp150 #bitterjestermusicfestival #letsgolakecounty #visitlakecounty


Join us at Port Clinton at 7pm Friday night to hear some awesome "rising star" bands from all across the Chicagoland area. [YOUR COMPANY] is a proud sponsor of the festival. #downtownhighlandpark #hp150 #bitterjestermusicfestival #letsgolakecounty #visitlakecounty